Trump’s prosecution ‘one instead of another’

The Republican leadership has begun negotiations over whether former national security adviser John Bolton will be called to testify in US President Donald Trump’s trial. Trump and his allies are opposed to any new evidence. They want to get rid of Trump as soon as possible. But some moderate Republicans have dropped out. They want Bolton to testify. In his book, he says he has heard Trump talk about Trump investigating Joe Biden and his son in lieu of military aid to Ukraine.
All five Republican senators have responded by saying that the leadership of the Republic has decided that if Bolton is called, they will call for a counter-witness. Biden and his son Hunter are at number five on their list. Not only these two, they also want to call Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who leads the congressional hearings in Congress. Even Republicans want to call him the whistleblower, or the warning that the storm started, the Republicans.

Senator Lindsay Graham, known as Trump’s ally, is leading the attack on the ‘quid pro quo’ or ‘one for the other’ attack. He says, ‘No new witnesses are needed. But if a new witness is called, we will not end up calling just one witness. We will call several witnesses. ‘

Needless to say, the Democrats do not agree on a ‘one for the other’ proposal. Biden himself has ruled out the possibility of testifying. “I have nothing to do with the allegations that Trump is being tried,” he said.

These two days on Wednesday and Thursday, senators will be questioning Democratic managers who have spoken out against Trump, and President Trump’s prosecutors. At the end of that questionnaire, the new witness will vote on the question on Friday. In the overwhelming majority, that is, the decision to call a new witness may be made with the support of five senators. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell admits he does not have the votes needed to stop witnesses.
This does not mean that Bolton or any other witness will be called. Only three Republicans have publicly said that they should call Bolton. If all four Democrats in the Democrats support the proposal, another Republican will be needed. And three or four Republican senators have hinted that they will decide after a question-and-answer session.

Whether the witness is called, neither party has any doubt about the allegations that Trump will be released. That vote is in the hands of Republicans.


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