Look, look positive

Deepa Pregnant, Asif was not happy at all. In the two years of her marriage, Deepa, however, realizes that Asif’s son is not happy with her.

“Look, it looks positive!” Asif’s eyes twinkle, “Move, move. Do not understand yourself! Are you stupid!” In fact, some urine should be given to the device for testing. Asif has a slight resentment, though Asif has not been so enthusiastic about child rearing, Deepa Vasur. That means Asif’s older brother Aslam was very happy.

That evening, Deepa brought Vasu’s pizza home. She told Deepa with the box, “You will eat.” The box was placed in the drawer, showing how you would look with a little face after eating Asif.

Being the daughter of a simple family, Deepa does not know the taste of a delicious restaurant pizza.

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