Bangabandhu started clean football on September 7 with India saying ‘yes’

It was previously reported that the clean football tournament will be held in Dhaka this September. On the birth anniversary of Bangabandhu, the tournament was sought by the South Asian Football Federation (BAFF). Because this time, the tournament is not supposed to be in Bangladesh. The last clean tournament was also held in Dhaka on 29th.

With Bafu president Kazi Salauddin Safar as president, it was possible for him to bring two clean tournaments to Dhaka. The latest news about the tournament is that if all goes well and India agrees, Bangabandhu Clear Football will be held at Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka on September 4-7.

SAARF general secretary Anwarul Haque Helal gave the first light today, saying, “We have set a schedule for the tournament on September 4-7. Now it will be sent to all countries. ā€¯India is a big name among the seven countries in South Asia. Everything depends on saying ‘yes’, or ‘no’ in India. Anwarul Haque said, “India has previously told us that they have no problem if they have a clean cup in September. Now if you disagree with the schedule I hope there will be no problem. ‘

Saffron has already been sold. It was bought by K-Sports in Bangladesh. It was also approved in the SAFAR meeting. This is the first time any Bangladeshi company has acquired the title of Safa. LaGarious, a former sponsor of SAF, donated $ 1 million to the organizers. K-Sports will pay a bit more. Bangladesh wants to organize a clean sweep this year on the birth anniversary of Bangabandhu.


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