Audience is just cheering

It’s three o’clock in the night. I’m standing on the roof with my eyes closed. Shravan and his friend Shubh are standing under my house to marry me. I looked up at the black sky with helpless eyes.

I don’t remember what I fell in love with this lunatic. I heard the message from the bottom, “Will it come down or should I get up?” I immediately looked at the hearing.

He’s standing with a knife in his neck. And sitting next to Happy, he was doing a knife to his back and neck. It’s straight

Even after seeing my father, I was shaking my hand like a donkey. Poor bewildered. He doesn’t have to leave his hand anymore.

In anger, the father finally grabbed his caller and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing to my daughter “The hearing is just cheering. I can’t say anything by trying to get myself out. Finally he left and said – Uncle got out of the Morning Walk. Meeting Millie suddenly. He asked me “

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